July 25, 2024


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A Sculptor Talks Shop | Janina Myronova | Episode 890

A Sculptor Talks Shop | Janina Myronova | Episode 890

Janina Myronova | Episode 890

A Sculptor Talks Shop | Janina Myronova | Episode 890

Janina Myronova is a ceramic artist born in Ukraine and living in Poland. In 2012 Janina received her MFA from the Department of Ceramic Art at Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts (Lviv, Ukraine), an MFA from the Department of Ceramics and Glass at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts and Design (Wroclaw, Poland) in 2013, and her PhD from the Department of Ceramics and Glass at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. Continually developing her work and practice, Janina has attended numerous residencies including opportunities’ at the New Taipei Yingge Ceramics Museum (New Taipei, Taiwan), Clayarch Gimhae Musem (Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea), Lefebvre and Fils (Paris, France), the Polish Sculpture Centre (Oronsko, Poland), and the International Ceramic Research Center (Guldagergaard, Denmark).


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I’m curious Janina, you have a PhD in ceramics, why are you doing more? Why are you doing a residency?

A residency I enjoy the most because I feel it’s developing my work so much. I meet different people. I am always in new situations, new cultures around me, and it’s inspiring me and I cannot stop it.

Right now you are at Northern Clay Center, do you plan on doing more residencies?

Yes, my next residency will be a long time residency. It could be one year or even two years. And I was also accepted to go to a residency in Japan.

Do you see yourself as a teacher or as a learner?

At the moment I would like to learn as much as possible. Eventually I would like to give this knowledge to students or people who are interested, but now I really enjoy learning at this residency and meeting people. It’s very important for me at the moment.

Do you have a story line that goes with each piece?

It’s  very often I have a story. Just recently I was preparing for my exhibition and I named it Family Postcards. My family is very often my inspiration for my works. And I am telling such stories from childhood. I was working as a child, very hard already to be able to buy shoes for dancing because I loved dancing and as a kid I played guitar and I was singing so there were a lot of memories about my first kiss. I made a special work. (laughter) So I really try to put my personal story and tell them to people, to observers.

Have your sculptures ever help you to meet anyone famous?

Well not sculpture but thanks to my painting I met a famous writer. And also some musicians. And I would like to say thanks to my sculptures I met so many friends because the people who enjoy my art usually they are the same way. We feel very much connected and we have similar interests. And it is very often happening thanks to my sculptures. Also thanks to my sculptures I met the Queen of Denmark. It was unforgettable.  She is also an artist. It was very special.


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