July 25, 2024


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On the spot: Nibera | Displate Blog

On the spot: Nibera | Displate Blog

80s light grid? Check. Warm, faded color palette? Check. Space inspirations? You got it! When it comes to retro-inspired art, Slovenian artist Nibera ticks all the boxes, while also making her art truly unique with some original compositional arrangements. 

Turns out Nibera is one hell of a retrohead. She’s not only inspired by the past but also tries to keep some of it alive. Read on to learn more about her curious spirit and find out how she’s turned her retro inspirations into an impressive collection!

Where do you live and what does your studio look like?

I live in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. The real estate market here is crazy right now and I’m currently in a situation where I can’t afford renting a separate studio. So I set up my creative corner in the same apartment studio I currently live and work in. 

Are you a professional or a self taught artist?

I’m a professional visual artist and graphic designer. I completed the master’s program at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Ljubljana.

Between Dimensions
Space Rainbow

You create retro surrealistic designs. How did you develop that style?

This retro aesthetic in my works has to be a result of my passion for history. The past inspires me. As someone born in 1992, I got a small taste of the analog period. My first computer had a cathode-ray tube screen, and my first camera was a film camera. Soon, all this would change to digital. 

However, I still remember my childhood with CRT computer and TV screens, film photographs, physical photo albums, VHS tapes, and cassette tape boombox radios. I feel highly nostalgic about these items and I’m an enthusiastic collector of vintage and retro items. So far, I’ve collected around 12 CRT monitors and other retro-tech objects. Also, all my clothes are from the 80s or 90s!

Aside from the past, your main inspiration is obviously space. Anything else we should add to this list?

Like I said before, I’m very much inspired by the complexities of history. I also find lots of inspiration in nature. I usually spend my weekends out in nature, hiking or swimming. I use this time to clear my mind and make space for new ideas. I love staying outside late at night, watching stars and the moon.

Alternative Egyptian Unive
The Matrix

You specialize in album covers. Do you have a favorite music genre? 

My favorite music was made in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I love listening to jazz, ambient music, italo disco and electro from the 70s, acid house from the 80s, and trance, techno and eurodance from the 90s. 

Is there any musician that you’d love to collaborate with? 

I enjoyed working with all the musicians I’ve collaborated with so far. Musicians are very special people. They are artists, just like us – but while we create visual images, they create auditory sensations. All musicians are very dear to me, but if I could work with anyone, I would choose to work with 808 State, Aphex Twin, or DMX Krew. One time, I photographed the DMX Krew show and drove him back to his hotel after the gig – it was already such a surreal experience for me! 

Space Rainbow
Blissing Rainbow

If you could pick any place to create art in, fantasy or real, what would it be?


What do you do in your free time?

Whenever I have more than two free days in a week, I go on a road trip. It’s my favorite way of spending free time. 

During the warmer part of the year, I love going to our neighboring Croatia and jumping on a ferry to one of the Croatian islands. The water out there is crystal clear and the views are just calling to be captured! But I can’t really say I’m only resting and relaxing. My vacations are more like working holidays, because I’m always photographing. Usually I return from my vacation with a bag full of exposed film rolls. The same goes for my hiking trips. Carrying heavy camera gear to the top is quite some work!

Abstract Space Portal
A Room With A View

Do you have any artistic dreams? 

I dream of owning a gallery space where artists could gather and connect. I would love to help fellow artists show their work and become full-time professionals. I know too many artists who create art only in their spare time. Every artistic soul should be able to earn a living from their creations! 

Instagram: @nibera_visuals