February 24, 2024


Art Shines Through

Iuliia Pozdina, an Artist and a Talented Designer

Artrepreneur - Iuliia Pozdina

She was born in Russia and received her degree in architecture from Perm construction college. Over the years, she has established herself as one of America’s most successful fine art artists.

She has always been interested in art and has worked hard to improve her skills and knowledge in the field. She has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the arts throughout my academic and professional career, and her contributions have been impactful as she has continued to exhibit on her website (iuliiapozdina.com).

How it all started

After graduation, she worked as a full-time visual merchandiser for 3 years. At the same time, she worked as a freelance artist doing paintings upon request. She continued working as a freelance artist even after moving to Los Angeles in 2014. Also she had different projects with a fashion designer and sound engineer, and at the same time, working as a personal art tutor. She was also once a production assistant on the filming set of an Amazon tv-show.

She went to Los Angeles City College to get a certificate in Digital Photography during her life in the US. Also, she is planning to take classes in digital drawing.

Since moving to LA, she has had many exhibitions in galleries, one of them being AzziArt International gallery. It was a great experience exhibiting there. She plans to continue a collaboration with the gallery by having some projects in the future.

The future vision

As she progresses in her career, she hopes to continue making a positive impact in the art world. She believes that the United States is the perfect platform for her to achieve this goal because it is home to some of the world’s most prestigious art institutions and provides a plethora of opportunities for artists to connect and collaborate. She is currently planning to establish her own company and continue developing as an artist.


Undoubtedly, she is a dedicated artist who has already made a significant impact in the art industry and will do so in the future. Considering her enthusiasm, she will be able to bring her skills and passion to the United States and contribute to the country’s vibrant art scene. Her contribution to the US art industry will benefit not just in attracting more revue and improving her personal growth but also the US and the wider art world in general. With a lot of potential in Iuliia Pozdina, she will surely contribute significantly with her unique skills and perspectives to the United States.