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Collecting Glass – Boha Glass

Glass Collecting for Inexperienced persons

Hello and welcome! For those people fascinated in glass collecting then we have some guidance for you, irrespective of whether you have dollars to spend or are hunting to gather glass on a price range or even for free!

For people of you privileged more than enough to have cash to invest, you will be happy to know that, as very well as owning some superb pieces of objet d’art to feast your eyes on, you will have a reliable financial investment that really should return close to 20% for every annum.

Glass collection

The very best put to include to your glass collection is, of system, below at Boha Glass (effectively, we would say that, would not we! :-). But some other terrific possibilities contain specialist glass fairs, and antique and collectors fairs. These are nicely worthy of a visit, and you can take pleasure in a tiny journey to yet another aspect of the state and see all your favorite glass all in a person area.

For those people not in a position or prepared to journey to incorporate to their selection, there is a wealth of artwork glass to be purchased on the web. Ebay frequently have some great items in their online auctions, and you can use program like Auction Sniper to assist you place a successful bid.

There are also lots of other on line auctions, from local auction residences that use auction software package to post their scaled-down auctions on the net to get a larger audience, to huge established on the internet auctions the place you can purchase glass from the comfort and ease of your residing place.


collecting glass

If you really don’t have the money to spend in a glass collection then you can get your arms dirty and uncover tons of glass for free of charge.

Mudlarking is the place you seem for glass in the mud of rivers at minimal tide. Plenty of wonderful items can be located, not just glass, but you can find some pretty aged bottles.  A lot more frequently than not, they will be damaged, but just sometimes you can pull a best piece out of the smooth mud.

I thought I had uncovered a finish 18th Century Rum bottle not too long ago, but as I dug deeper around the edges I realised it was just the bottom half. It even now appeared stunning even though.

As well as glass, you will probably locate a large amount of previous clay pipes and matters like buttons and buckles, but they are all appealing in their have right.

If you are living in close proximity to a town river exactly where there has been human habitation for several hundreds of years, you will do a ton superior than on a river financial institution in the countryside. Also, be protected, only go wherever the mud is reliable and won’t suck you in!

The other free of charge alternative is bottle digging. You will need to know exactly where individuals applied to toss away their outdated bottles (a bottle dump) and inquire the landowner’s permission to dig there. This is the place you will uncover the most unbroken glass bottles in all colors and measurements (however mainly obvious and brown types!)

Do have on gloves, and be cautious where by you dig. I heard about a person who went digging and caught the Black Death Plague! Fortunately, it can be addressed effortlessly currently with modern day antibiotics. Make guaranteed you use durable gloves as you will appear across a ton of damaged glass and you will need to safeguard your palms.

There are lots of neighborhood bottle-digging groups you can sign up for, and you will learn a prosperity of guidelines and tips on how to dig very carefully and the very best approaches to cleanse the bottles.

My idea is to set them in heat soapy drinking water for a fantastic number of hours ahead of trying to thoroughly clean them and also to obtain one particular of individuals bottle cleaners on a wire that you can jam deep into the glass for a comprehensive clear.

Glass collection of glass bottles

No matter if you have a fantastic assortment of glass in a beautiful display cabinet, or you have a bottle selection that you have ‘mudlarked’ or dug up on your own, we would like to see it!. You should do ship us your pictures and increase to the reviews under.

Many thanks for reading!