July 25, 2024


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Ale Casanova | Colored Intimacy

Ale Casanova | Colored Intimacy

About Ale Casanova

Ale Casanova (b. 1981) is a Spanish artist with exhibitions around Spain, France, and Norway. His works convey simple scenes with absolute naturalness and crudeness through figures and portraits. Casanova’s artistic practice shows a playfulness with color, where brightness becomes “the fundamental axis.” Most of the time, he creates with oils on fabric.

He shows simple scenes with absolute naturalness and rawness through figures and portraits. The viewer gains many different feelings and questions about what the scene is about, which events it is part of, and the wish to be a part of it.

Choosing to depict nudes to create appeal, he looks for a sense of intimacy to engage the viewer in a private, sensual moment – with no malice whatsoever.

My work includes oil and watercolor as main characters. I also use social media with the same intention, relevance, structure, and form. 

In each of my works, one may find my preference for the use of color, from the brownest and most blurred colors to the most saturated and high-contrast ones, turning color into a game where the brightness of the color becomes the fundamental axis. I work on the painting with direct and precise brushstrokes where subtle gradients combine brushstroke cuts.

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