June 25, 2024


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Clicks for Charity: David Yarrow Photography is on a mission to capture more

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It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s also worth a ton of awards.

David Yarrow is one of the most accomplished and decorated photographers in the world. Despite living a “double life” as a successful hedge fund manager, this fine art has granted him the most notoriety. For nearly four decades, David Yarrow Photography has earned a reputation as a world-renowned artist, author, and conservationist. He’s been fortunate enough to collaborate with celebrities and sports stars. He’s produced striking narratives that depict the lives of indigenous communities, wildlife, and natural landscapes.

Yet David Yarrow Photography doesn’t derive pleasure from these prints or the prestige he’s garnered. It’s not about what he can hang on a wall or over a mantle. He sees the world through a different lens. He’s a man on a mission. His proudest contributions have come from his philanthropic involvement. David Yarrow Photography has raised over $11 million in charitable collaborations since 2018 alone.

While he’s been blessed with several fulfilling partnerships over the years, David Yarrow details five organizations he’s proudly supported.

American Family Children’s Hospital

David Yarrow Photography was thrilled to support one of the biggest children-centric institutions in the world. Partnering with supermodel and long-time friend Cindy Crawford, he offered his stunning visual aesthetics to re-imagine her now-iconic Pepsi ad from the early ’90s. The shoot, which raised $3 million already, specifically supported the hospital’s Pediatric Cancer Care Unit in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Kevin Richardson Foundation

Affectionately dubbed the “The Lion Whisper,” Kevin Richard has developed a devout following as a conservationist and YouTube personality. In fact, his name has become synonymous with the preservation and protection of endangered cats. So, when David Yarrow Photography was invited to become an ambassador for his non-profit, it was a no-brainer. Together, they have sought to raise awareness and combat the declining lion population.

Tusk Trust

The human population continues to expand, threatening wildlife. Enter Tusk Trust. The British organization began in 1990 to address the global conservation concerns in Africa. It’s an ambitious effort that David Yarrow Photography has supported for years. In addition to sitting on the advisory board, he donated all the royalties from this 2019 book to aid this fight.


WildArk believes in a more symbiotic relationship. In order to save the world’s wildlife, the Atlanta-based organization hopes to reconnect people with the natural world. Alongside decorated surfer Mick Fanning, David Yarrow Photography has been an ambassador for the group. Together, they actively work to protect global biodiversity. In January 2020, David Yarrow Photography partnered with WildArk and Earth Alliance to kickstart the #koalacomeback campaign. So far, it’s tallied more than $1.4 million to restore areas impacted by Australian wildfires.

NHS Heroes

During the height of the pandemic, many were looking for ways to express kindness and gratitude to healthcare workers. David Yarrow Photography was no different. He released an exclusive image for the Maddox Gallery‘s virtual art exhibition. The piece, titled “Our Pride,” represented the strength, courage, and bravery displayed by frontline workers. All proceeds were donated to NHS Heroes, which was founded by first responders to financially support other healthcare employees.