June 25, 2024


Art Shines Through

The Screwed Tape Letters: The War Room – A humorous epistle dedicated to Nick Saban–from a sports ignoramus

Dear Dr. Saban, 

(I think Dr. to be the right honorific, as is clever when addressing any person associated with larger schooling my philosophy, when it comes to addressing anyone as Dr. or Mr., is easy:  if in question, spherical up!)

Expensive Dr. Saban, 

Please enable me to introduce myself as anyone hopelessly unknowledgeable about all issues sports similar.  As you might have collected, assuming you study the subtitle to the present piece commissioned by my employer, I phrase myself a “sports activities ignoramus” to this, I am only 50 %-joking.  I have designed it my personalized target for reasons partly ethical, partly aesthetic, partly philosophic to see how lots of words and phrases I can publish proportionate to how minor I know to what they refer.  As of now, I have managed around 60,000, because November.  Look at oneself honored to have encouraged 600 or so extra.