July 25, 2024


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The ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2022

The ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2022

This is about the
ING Discerning Eye Exhibition
which can be seen both online and at the
Mall Galleries
this week – until 20th November.

The exhibition includes more
than 500 small artworks by 359 artists

To be honest I thought the exhibition was next week and I’d not
seen any reminders on my Facebook feed. 

More importantly, having just realised(!), I haven’t yet seen it – and could
go today but my osteoarthritis especially hates lots of heavy rain (today)
which is why I’m sat writing about it before I’ve actually seen it!

You can find details of how to visit and the DAILY demonstrations at the end
of this post.

I’m going to start by taking a quick look at the two organisations involved
in this exhibition – because without both of them this open art competition
and exhibition of small works would not exist.

I’ve usually focused on the exhibition – but the very fact that the exhibition
continues to exist when so many have fallen by the wayside I decided a
different approach is relevant this year.

ING Sponsorship of Art

I’d like to start by applauding ING for their continued sponsorship of this
open art competition / exhibition. 

  • ING has been supporting this exhibition every year since 1999! 
  • This makes it one of the longest corporate art sponsorships in the

At a time when art competitions are fast disappearing off the scene (Sunday
Times Watercolour / Lynn Painter-Stainers / BP Portrait Award) it’s really
great to see a commitment to continued sponsorship.

The ING Collection is a living, evolving collection that is constantly
questioning its relationship to art and its boundaries. It is a modern
collection that reflect ING’s international, contemporary and innovative
character. It reflects the figurative tradition of ING in an experimental
and new way.

For me, a commitment to art by a sponsor is a very good indication of whether
or not the sponsorship is likely to be enduring. It also says something about
the nature of the organisation.  

Art and culture have always been important to us and we believe in the
power of art to inspire, make connections, and portray times we live in.
Through our partnership, it’s our privilege to support emerging artists
and make art accessible to collectors in the UK and beyond.

The Discerning Eye Collection

The Discerning Eye aims to encourage wider conversations around the
understanding and appreciation of the visual arts.

The main focus of the organisation is the annual exhibition – but has also
expanded into other activities

  • the website now includes an archive of images of every artwork shown at
    every ING Discerning Eye exhibition.
  • The Discerning Eye Collection
    has been developed using the annual Founder’s Purchase Prize and includes
    artworks by some of the UK’s leading artists – many of home have featured as
    prizewinners in various exhibitions.
  • they created the Drawing Eye Bursary
  • exhibitions have also been held at the Temple Church
  • an online exhibition was set up in response to the constraints caused during
    the pandemic

However during 2021, they have diversified into providing online webinars for
artists – delivered via Instagram.

You can see the recording of the last
LIVE TALK on How to promote your work as an artist on Instagram

The next
LIVE TALK on Instagram
is on Wednesday this week at 5pm 

Instagram LIVE TALK for artists: ‘Working with a gallery’ 🆕⁠

When? Wednesday, 16 November from 5pm UK.⁠
Tune in on the day or catch
up after on our page.⁠

We are delighted to have
Director of ⁠
and Elspeth Edmondson, Director of
answering your questions


ING Discerning Eye Exhibition

The ING Discerning Eye annual exhibition is a show of small, domestic
scale, works independently selected by six prominent figures from
different areas of the art world: two artists, two collectors and two

On to what the Exhibition involves….

Out of 7,300 entries from 2,900 artists, 420 works from 325 artists
were selected from the open call 
for the ING Discerning Eye 2022 exhibition. That means 

  • just under 6% of the open call artworks submitted made it through to the
  • around about 11% of the open call artists who submitted had artwork
    selected – which is a very respectable percentage

There are 527 artworks by 359 artists in the complete exhibition – as
some artists are INVITED by the selectors rather than selected from the open

  • i.e. 107 artworks by 34 artists were invited NOT selected.
The Selectors are normally split into Collectors, Critics and Artists – but
other than the latter I’m not entirely sure which is which.

  • Alison Bevan, RWA Director
  • Gurinder Chadha, Film director
  • Aindrea Emelife, Curator
  • Kate Enters, ArtCan Director
  • David Ferry, Artist and RE President
  • Ansel Krut, Artist

Each Selector mounts their own exhibition within the different
galleries at the Mall Galleries and shows the work they want to. If you click the link to Selectors and then image of the selector
on https://www.discerningeye.org/2022 then you can see the artwork
they selected.e

Getting to the final selection was incredibly painful – it was so
hard to choose between such a wealth of great art! In the end I
chose work in the same way that I select artwork for my own home:
does it light a personal spark, and would it reward spending time
with? I also considered how each fitted with my invited artists, who
are a small cross-section of RWA Academicians and Artists’ Network
members, all of whose work I personally love.
Alison Bevan

some of the artwork selected by Alison Bevan

All artwork in the exhibition MUST BE within the maximum size
limit of 20 inches (50cm) including frame.

That means lots of artworks – but they’re all small. Many of them are
also very affordable.

Artists can also submit up to six artworks – and it’s always
really interesting to see which were the artists that the selectors were
competing over – as in the artist ends up in two or more selectors

Note that this page states
“To explore this year’s catalogue either scroll down to view the
entire selection or search for a particular artist, title or

but I can’t see how you do this since all those filters are missing from
the menu of filter options!


This is the Instagram reel of the announcement of the awards. I can’t see
anything on the website as yet as to who won what…..


Exhibition Venue:
Mall Galleries The Mall London SW1 – North, East & West Galleries

Dates: 11 – 10 November 2022

Hours: 10am – 5pm

Admission: FREE


  • Tuesday 15 November – Jane Dickins and Paul Trussell
  • Wednesday 16 November – Elizabeth Meek and Rae Birch
  • Thursday 17 November – Tony Anderson and Guglielmo Alfarone
  • Friday 18 November – Thomas Cameron
  • Saturday 19 November – Annam Butt
  • Sunday 20 November – Paul Regan and Shirley Cullum