July 25, 2024


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Press Play: Kissen – ‘Who?’

Press Play: Kissen – ‘Who?’

‘Who?’ was written by Rosie Simpkins and co-produced with JCow. In a broad sense, the song is about being a woman of colour in a white male-dominated society, but the underlying theme is Simpkins’ distrust of the police after suffering first-hand discrimination. The song itself is a perfect reflection of the theme; it’s dark and moody, the vocals are soft & sensual, an audible representation of female strength and power in the face of imposed authority. 

Kissen is the solo project of singer and producer Rosie Simpkins. Originally from Manchester, England, and now currently residing in Berlin, both cities’ strong musical identities have had a big impact on Kissen’s sound. Best described as silky, alternative R&B with an unexpected downtempo edge, it lies somewhere between Massive Attack, Sade and Tirzah. In the last year since Kissen’s inception, Simpkins has been consistently playing shows around Berlin and garnering attention in the local music scene.

In 2021 she was on the bill for No Kiddin’ festival, supported acts like Das Beat and Grip Tight and even headlined some of her own shows. In addition, ‘Listen to Kissen‘ is the monthly radio show broadcast on Refuge Worldwide, which Simpkins has been doing since early this year.