June 18, 2024


Art Shines Through

Outerspace Artwork for Kids – Art is Basic

This was a super fun multi-day, mixed media project with a lot of different techniques and processes.

Day One: Start by painting papers with a paint scraping technique. Use scraps of cardboard dipped into neon paint (Amazon affiliate links have been used at no extra cost to you- the money goes towards maintaining my blog and buying art supplies) and scrape across your paper to create an interesting textured effect. Make several pieces of paper in different colors. Leave these to dry for the 3rd day.

Here is a video with steps to make the scraped painted papers.

Day Two: Use metallic Crayola markers and white Signo gel pens to draw designs on a black piece of construction paper. Designs can be stars, dots, swirls, diamonds and other shapes. The goal is to make it look like an artistic sky in outerspace. Then, use metallic watercolor paints to splatter paint all over the background to make speckles.

Day Three: Use circle tracers to trace circles on your painted papers to make planets. Cut them out and glue them to your background. Use oil pastels to draw black shadows on the sides of the planets. Smudge with your fingers. Use white oil pastels to draw rings around some of the planets if you wish.

Day Four: Draw rockets, spaceships, and UFOs if you want to create a focal point on your page.