July 25, 2024


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A Guide to Gifting Art This Christmas

A Guide to Gifting Art This Christmas

Few gifts are more memorable and meaningful than a carefully chosen artwork. Especially as we are all spending much more time in our homes. But how do you decide what art to buy for your friend, family member or partner? It’s important to think about their ‘art personality’. What interests do they have? Is there a place they love? What’s their style? Consider, also, the character of their home. Here are seven ideas to help you give the perfect gift of art this Christmas.



Mychael Barrat’s narrative paintings and prints are inspired by cityscapes, maps, fairy tales and literature. Many of his artworks also demonstrate his love of storytelling; as the artist has explained, “The visual artists that first inspired me were children’s book illustrators like Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac.” In intricate images he turns London into a magical kingdom, celebrating its history and heritage. ‘Made in London’ is filled with references to inspired by fairytales, literature and art history, providing hours of exploration for the viewer.

Made in London by Mychael Barratt, 2022, Silkscreen on 410 gsm paper, 86 x 114cm



If you’re shopping for a couple who have different tastes, it may be better to choose art that signifies love and togetherness. However, stay away from overly clichéd statements. Instead, choose a piece with a simple, special message. Lauren Baker’s bold neon typographic artworks are centred around the idea of human connections and celebrate hope.

Together We Will Burn Brighter by Lauren Baker, 2017, Hahnemuhle 308gsm photo rag. With Hand Embellished Diamond Dust, 75 x 75cm



Black and white photography is ideal for someone whose home is all about minimalist aesthetics. Minimalism creates a simple space that provides a sense of peacefulness. And Riccardo Cavallari’s striking photographs of single chairs evoke calm and stillness. Connecting the worlds of art and design with style, Cavallari underlines contrasts of simplicity and elegance in the everyday.

Desaparecidos 2 by Riccardo Cavallari, 2011, inkjet print on cotton paper, 100 x 100cm



Know someone who is always dreaming of their next adventure? Paul Hirst paints the landscape as an expressive space to be explored in personal encounters. Each of his paintings has a unique emotive energy coursing through the canvas. As the artist explains, “my paintings are fleeting glimpses of the landscape; they derive from countless exposure to the raw elements and explore, question and challenge our ideas of landscape.”

Chasing The Light: Crummock Gleam by Paul Hirst, 2019, oil on board, 42 x 60cm



Bring a little part of paradise into a nature lover’s home with Kristjana S Williams’s imaginative prints. Using bright, brilliant colours, she transports viewers to tropical landscapes and rainforests, filled with fantastical butterflies, beautiful birds and exotic plants. Decorated by interwoven flora and fauna, these enchanting artworks offer an escape which we could all do with right now.

London Hringlaga Thrilogy – East by Kristjana S Williams , 2018, Archival Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm paper, 80 x 80cm



Jacqueline Colley’s quirky, colourful prints celebrate all things vintage, from fashion and festivals to travel posters. Characterised by boho-chic graphics, Colley’s artworks will make an uplifting addition to any vintage lover’s home. Throughout her career, the artist has collaborated with brands including Oliver Bonas, Oasis and London Zoo, while creating unique sketches which she turns into playful silkscreen prints.

Fresh Fruits by Jacqueline Colley, 2019, 4 colour screen print on to 250gsm Southbank Smooth Paper, 60 x 42cm



Alexandra Gallagher is a pioneering feminist artist who works across painting, street art, collage and photography. Inspired by Surrealism, her art explores realms of the subconscious, dreams, memory and the imagination. Focusing on female figures, she draws on issues of women’s identity and sexuality. By layering stereotypical symbols of femininity – feathers, flowers, ribbons and the forbidden apple – in strange, dystopian surroundings she invites her viewer to question traditional female roles in society.

Marie by Alexandra Gallagher, 2015, paper, 85 x 60cm



Know someone with a baby on the way? An artwork makes the ideal gift for a child. If you choose wisely, they will cherish it throughout their life, and thank you when it increases in value. Dan Baldwin’s prints are an ideal investment and their Pop Art feel makes them perfect for brightening up a baby’s bedroom.

Love & Light – Lavender/Peach by Dan Baldwin, 2020, silkscreen print, 90 x 90cm